Power Pod

The newest innovation in vibration technology.  Power Pod 360 and its side kick Power Pod Jr. are the Batman and Robin of the Audio Industry.  On one end is a head phone jack so it plugs into anything that you can plug head phones into ie- I-pods, smart phones, laptops, tablets, tv’s, mp3 players etc… And on the other end is a mini vibrating speaker with reusable silicon sticky attached to it so it sticks to any surface turning that surface into a speaker!  The best thing about it is taking it home inviting your friends, family, neighborhood kids over and seeing all the different ways you can use this in or out of the home.  You’ll be the envy of everyone you show it to the only negative is that you’ll have to explain over and over and over again where you found it!!!

So Whether your taking it to the beach, or to a tailgate, or using it in your kitchen on a bowl while you’re cooking… The Power Pod Team is the newest member of your at home or on the go audio devices.  With its signature tag line “ADD MORE BOOM TO YOUR ROOM” this is a must have for every member of the family!